The Journey So Far.....

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It is not about brands. It is something else that comes from within you.”
Quoted by - Ralph Lauren.

These words have been a constant companion to each member of The Tharo. The idea of The Tharo was just a mere dream until one day we decided to take it further. Started with mere two machines at home, producing women custom clothing has now a proper facilitated working place with more than 50 people working in their team. Earlier, we used to work only on customized orders of nearby clients, friends, and family but eventually, our designs started making an impact and became noticeable. Our market widened and making the best use of the opportunity we established ourselves as a professional company after 4-5 years.

Embracing the love for cotton

Natural fiber has been like a staple diet food of The Tharo. Like a specific genre of a novel, we have liked the feel of cotton ourselves and have put efforts to make our customers feel the same. Cotton is not just a mere fabric for us. It is a combination of tradition and elegance. It has weaved the path for us to satisfy our customers. As we have been dealing with hand-spun, handwoven, and natural fiber base clothing, we have diligently attached ourselves to cotton and have not lost the love for it.

Our back support and CSR Activities

“We learned from them, they learned from us and rest is the history.”

We believe in the idea of giving back to society. Most of the The Tharo work comes from household ladies and nearby locations. Even the fabric choice majorly comes from handweavers from different parts of India such as Telangana, West Bengal. etc. Our team has always comprised of women working from home for our handwork in the garments. We try to buy fabrics from handweavers who work with a mere machine. While dealing with natural fabrics and stylish clothing during our journey, we took care of our household women workers and millworkers by generating permanent employment opportunities for them. We destined to become not just the best style makers in the apparel industry but also targeted to become the caretakers of these women and provide the best opportunities to them. With this website we bring our new line for the cotton lovers…In other words, Siya creations bring its new label as The Tharo for their global clients.

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